2014 Most Profitable Innovations Unveiled


It is really hard to follow all the new products and services released at the International CES 2014. Tens of new gadgets are introduced daily at the event in Las Vegas and some of them even get lost in the crowd. For instance, at last year’s International CES, some companies tried to popularize tabletop PCs and smartphones with alternative operating systems. However, both of these ideas failed to make a lasting impression on consumers. History will surely repeat itself this year. Nevertheless, there is a number of new devices that already look like the most profitable innovations if the year.

Phablets: Curved or Budget

Just when you think that the smartphone market cannot possibly become more predictable, brands start to roll out curved handsets. Consumers will certainly be intrigued by LG’s G Flex, for example. The fact that the device has a big 6” display will make it even trendier. The only thing that might push people away is its high-end price. As a result, low-cost alternative solutions will also receive a lot of consumer attention. Alcatel seems to have predicted that possibility since it has followed a new recipe for success. The company’s Pop C9 smartphones combine large 5.5” displays, attractive shape, colour, impressive features and a budget price tag.

Small Ultra HDTVs

Technology companies at International CES are competing to introduce the TV with the biggest screen and resolution. In addition, they are now focusing on weird shapes. Among them are Samsung’s new 105” Ultra HDTV and Sony’s 4K wedge TV. Unfortunately for them, however, today’s consumer will not fall in love with curved big displays at first sight. Instead, the TVs that will enjoy higher sales will be those that rock smaller screens. Therefore, Vizio’s 50” P Series Ultra HDTVs or the incredibly affordable 50” Ultra HD 4K TV by Polariod will see more success on the mass market.

Hybrid Tablets

Although the International CES kicked off a day ago, a great number of dual-OS tablets were introduced unexpectedly. Technology companies, like Asus, showed off tablet PCs that can quickly switch between Android and Windows operating system. In that way, manufacturers are trying to attract both Android and Windows fans. In addition, they are aiming at improving the convertible PC experience. The truth is the market is still not ready for so much software in one place. In fact, it may never be, simply because two operating systems mean limited internal storage, more powerful hardware, higher prices and market made up of technology-savvy consumers. Despite that, hybrid tablets unveiled at the expo will steal the crown later this year. Lenovo’s Miix 2 tablets are guaranteed to quickly find a fan base. Big-screened tablet PCs will also manage to perform decently on the market. Therefore, Panasonic’s 20” tablet may not be too ahead of its time, after all.

Convertible Ultrabooks

These devices still scare consumers away with their fat price tag. However, that is always the case with new electronic products. With time, their price will drop. In fact, this might happen sooner than you expect. Lenovo’s Yoga 2 laptops that were among the first products unveiled at CES 2014. They now come with updated specifications and a more affordable price. The second generation Yoga will start at $529 when it hits the stores. By the end of International CES, we might see other companies to follow the same strategy.

If we have to sum up, we would say that transformable, large-screened and affordable devices showcased at CES 2014 will enjoy the higher sales over the next one year.


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