Apple Releases All-New Mac Pro


Apple announced the release date of its upcoming Mac Pro. Hold tight, because the news may surprise you! The U.S. technology company launched the all-new version of its product today!

Even though Apple has shared that it will drop Mac Pro this month, it kept the date secret until the very end. In fact, the company just published an official statement about the event.

The news for the upgraded Mac Pro was first shared at this year’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference).

The product is offered in two different versions. The first option features 256Gb flash storage, a 3.7GHz Intel Xenon E5 processor, two AMD FirePro D300 graphics processing units, as well as 12GB of DDR3 RAM. The price of this model is be $2,999. The second version of the all-new Mac Pro will cost $3,999 and its offers a bit more power thanks to its processors. In addition, both of the Mac Pros will support 4k image quality.

Also, consumers will have the option to upgrade the specifications of the devices. They will be able to select a more robust processor or a bigger storage capacity. Of course, that will be reflected in the final price of the Mac Pro. However, Apple still has not announced the exact prices of the upgrades.

But the most striking thing about the all-new Mac Pro is, without a doubt, its design. The device has a very futuristic appearance. It resembles a black and shiny cylinder. Its diameter measures 7”, while its height is 10”. This means that it is eight times more compact that its predecessor.

Apple has not chosen this design so that it could appeal more to buyers. The technology giant explained that the new look of the device will actually reduce the heat it produces. So, it will keep its core cool and ready for work.

Early reviews of the device revealed that it is surprisingly silent and powerful. In addition, they confirmed that the new design is quite impressive.

As it was already mentioned, the all-new Mac Pro will be available for purchase starting today, December 19. The product can be bought at Apple’s retail stores, the Apple Online Store or select authorized resellers of Apple products. However, UAE will almost certainly see a December 19 Mac Pro release. Therefore, make sure you stop by the official UAE Apple online store.


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