Where to buy iPhone 5c in Dubai



The best place to buy iPhone 5c in Dubai and in UAE in general now is the official online Apple Store for UAE. The prices are regulated and the delivery to your doorstep anywhere across the country is free of charge.


If you need a truly beautiful, fun and colourful touchscreen smartphone that comes with great features, while at a reasonable price, consider buying the latest generation iPhone. The iPhone 5c is one of the most attractive phones on the market this holiday season.

Why iPhone 5C?

The iPhone 5C, which was launched together with iPhone 5S this fall, is the first phone from Apple which comes in so many colours. White, pink, yellow, blue or green – you can choose a distinctive colour that matches your own personality and style. At a starting price of AED 2,199, it is also a more affordable alternative to the iPhone 5S and other high end smartphones on the market. It’s much like the previous generation iPhone, but with a few upgrades. While it uses the same A6 processor and rear-facing camera, it features an improved front-facing Face Time camera and support for more wireless LTE bands. iPhone 5C also has a lovely 4-inch Retina display and works with the vibrant, easy-to-use iOS 7.

The new iPhone 5C is a great smartphone if you are looking for relatively affordable, functional and beautiful mobile device. Although the case is made of plastic, the phone feels sturdy and it is a really high quality. It’s fun, impressive, and fresh, so it’s a really great choice for this season!

How to buy iPhone 5c in Dubai?

If you want to be certain that you are paying for a genuine, original and high quality iPhone, visit the official Apple  online store. Be sure you have your credit card ready near you. Once the page opens, look at the top menu options for an image of iPhones and click on the icon. After that you simply have to choose the device you like, add some extras and proceed to the checkout. Of course, shopping from home or work is easier, faster and more comfortable and in this case, it is cheaper. While other retailers will offer iPhone 5c at a higher price which sometimes may be even double, the Apple store price is fixed at AED 2,199. The website offers free one-day delivery to any address across the UAE, so you can shop from practically everywhere! Another option is to order on Amazon where you can find slightly lower price, but you will have to pay minor shipping fee to have the item delivered to your UAE address.

When making a decision which phone is best for you, you should know that previous generation iPhones are just too old for the end of 2013 and the coming 2014. iPhone 5C may be based on 2012-year technology, but it’s refreshed and will support all software in the coming several years. So, at a starting price of AED 2,199, it’s a really reasonable choice for everyone.


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