PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle Sells Out a Bit Too Fast


PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle! It is available, it is not…It is available, it is not…Until you type your credit card details, it runs out of stock.

As we have already informed you, the PlayStation 4 is available for purchase online… or at least it was when we posted. Shortly after the product was officially launched on the website, the retailer announced that it was sold out.

That may not be surprising given that a limited stock of the console was available for pre-order on Amazon for some time. In other words, most die-hard gamers are already waiting for the new PS4 in their mailbox.

However, the web’s largest online retailer quickly came up with a backup plan. When the console was sold out, the retailer released an exclusive PlayStation 4 and Kindle Fire HDX 7″. It included Sony’s reportedly sold-out console and Amazon’s very own tablet Kindle Fire HDX 7”. The price of the bundle is nearly $600. This means that with it buyers will only save $30, given that PS4 is $400 and new Kindle Fire – $230.

Although this offer may not seem particularly attractive in general, while it was available it was a super exclusive bargain. Many consumers already shared that the console has been sold-out in all stores in just the first hour of its launch. Therefore, some people are more than willing to invest in an extra tablet in order to get Sony’s fourth-generation console.

So, it might be considered a win-win situation. Consumers get to buy a new PlayStation, while Amazon gets to sell a few more Kindle Fire devices. Also, buyers will not need to queue for hours on end in front of stores.

Despite that, many buyers, who made orders for the PlayStation 4 and Kindle Bundle shared that they were unable to cancel it.

It looks like the PlayStation 4 is the hottest commodity nowadays, so if you spot it on the website, grab the offer while it is still there. There may be new deals and bundles soon, so keep your eyes open.


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