PlayStation 4 Video Unlimited Service, Music Unlimited Service Explained


PlayStation 4 will be released in a few days. Therefore, the company is now lifting the curtain on what is to come for PS4 fans. Not long ago, Sony unveiled the list of entertainment apps for its latest gaming console. Now, it shared some more information on its Music Unlimited service and Video Unlimited service. There are a lot of improvements, which gamers will definitely be thrilled to try out.

Let’s start with PlayStation’s Video Unlimited service. According to Sony, now it will offer quicker navigation and faster start times. In addition, it will offer gamers an access to more than 200,000 films and TV shows. The buffering will be brought to a minimum thanks to the Instant streaming of new purchases that account for bandwidth. Also, gamers will no longer worry about their console’s available storage, since all new purchases will be stored in the cloud. As for old purchases, Sony promises also to transfer them to the cloud. And if that is not enough, there will be also social functions that will show gamers what their friends have watched and rated.

The Music Unlimited service has also many things to offer. For instance, it will have a brand new interface. In addition, users will enjoy an improved discoverability which will allow them a better browsing experience in the service’s library of 22 million music tracks. Each of the songs played through this service will offer only high quality audio. Another exiting thing about Music Unlimited is that now it will enable gamers to listen to their favourite songs while they play their favourite PS4 games. Such multitasking could be destructing for some, but it is a good substitute option for the sounds of some games.

It seems, the PlayStation 4 will be more than a gaming console. Nevertheless, it seem that it will not separate the TV from the gaming experience. It will actually unite them into one.


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