Web Services for Small Business Made Easy


Every small business is build of a few components. Among them are a capital, a detailed plan, innovative ideas and plenty of determination. Over the last few years, web presence has also become a must for small-sized companies. That is because the web has turned into a second home for the average consumer. In addition, the Internet offers an easy, affordable and surprisingly effective ways to promote all kinds of services and products.

If you are planning to start or develop further your own small business, then you should consider enhancing its web presence. The most popular and reliable web services provider today is Go Daddy (www.godaddy.com). It is a web hosting company which is very suitable for small business owners, especially if they are just making their first steps. Here are a few facts about Go Daddy that will convince you about the effectiveness of their services.

Affordability – Go Daddy is known for its low prices. In most of the cases, it services are 70% cheaper than those offered by its competitors. In addition, Go Daddy usually combines services in packages making them even more affordable. Also, the company constantly offers various domain deals and product sales. Web services for small business with affordable low cost monthly installments options is a solution every startup will appreciate. Spending less money on your website will let you to spend more on improving other aspects of our company.

Easy to Use – Let’s say that you do not have any knowledge on programming and you cannot afford to hire a professional at that very moment. Luckily for your, at Go Daddy you will not need to do that. The company offers a variety of tailor-made web services for small business. They are very easy to use even for people who are new to things like domains and websites. You will be guided through every step of the way in the creation of your small business site. If you have more experience in the field, then you can take advantage of the more advanced features and services of Go Daddy.

24/7 Consumer Service and Support – But even the most perfect and easy-to-use service can experience problems and downtimes. When that happens, you should not panic. It is quite normal actually. Unlike some other web services providers, Go Daddy is always there for its clients. It offers 24/7 consumer service and support. To ask for Go Daddy’s assistance, you just need to contact its consumer service center. You can do that in a number of ways, including through their website, email or by phone. Go Daddy’s team will answer all of your questions and offer practical solutions step by step. You will not need to wait for too long to get help. As you know, in business time is money. This means that the faster your website is repaired, the less you will lose.

Availability – Go Daddy will make your website accessible in any part of the world, from Boston to Dubai or from Hong Kong in Abu Dhabi. In other words, anyone will be able to visit it regardless of their location. This can be especially useful for small businesses which revolve around online sales or services, for instance. Also, Go Daddy provides you with unlimited bandwith. This is the number of people who can visit your website at one and the same time. If the bandwith is limited, then your website may frequently crash. That does not speak well of your company and it can drive some of your clients back. This is why an unlimited bandwith is a must.

Security – Securing your business is more than vital for its success. Otherwise, it will be easily attacked by hackers and spam, for example. Go Daddy uses innovative technology to fight these common issues. In addition, the company will lock your domain name. This means that others will not be able to use it. Another advantage that Go Daddy offers to small business clients is data protection. Thieves will have a really hard time stealing your personal or corporate data if you use Go Daddy’s services.

Email Marketing – Small businesses constantly need to remind consumers of their existence. Having a big network of social media pages and updating your website on a daily basis is often not enough to keep clients return to your website. Here is where email newsletters step in. You can use them to send out all the latest stories posted on your company’s site to your clients. Go Daddy supports newsletters and it will regularly send them to your customers.

As you can see, Go Daddy can offer a variety of web services for small business that can offer many advantages for startups. With it, you can save time, money and still get the full package even if you have little knowledge on web development and marketing.


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