Celebrate Eid Al Fitr in Phuket


Phuket2Do you have any plans for the end of Ramadan? Most residents of Dubai and the UAE mark Eid Al Fitr with huge celebrations and abundant festive tables. Many also choose to travel for a short holiday. Thailand’s largest island, Phuket is always a wonderful place to visit and your August holiday there will be exotic and adventurous.

This year, the holiday marking and the last day of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr in the UAE, is from August 8 until August 10, excluding the weekend. So, you can fly in the evening of July 7 and have a little longer short break.

Why Phuket? Well, the island has a tropical monsoonal climate, but is also blessed by being in a temperate zone. And August temperatures are lovely, especially if you come from the unbearable heat in the United Arab Emirates – they range from 24 to 31-32 degrees Celsius. There are no typhoons, tropical storms and even the heavy rains fall in short bursts. Yes, Phuket’s perfect climate is one of the reasons why so many people visit it all year round. Another reason is of course, its astonishing nature – beautiful white-sanded beaches, green forests, peaceful mountain fields and rich wildlife. This is one of the best places in the world for water sport enthusiasts – surfers and especially scuba divers who can enjoy the unforgettable and colourful marine life that flourishes below the water surface.

There are just too many things to do and see in Phuket province – you can spend your entire vacation on the beach, although this is not the most tempting activity for Dubai residents. The island is a home to many religions and cultures, but it’s mostly famous for its Buddhist temples. What else you can do while being here? Of course, you can be part of the crazy nightlife, watch an elephant entertainment show or just watch elephants in their natural surroundings. Don’t forget to taste the local food and see the amazing waterfalls which are in fact the largest in Thailand. So, how to get to the island?

The Phuket International Airport is located in the north of the island and has many scheduled and chartered international flights. However, an airplane ticket from Dubai or Abu Dhabi is pretty expensive, that’s why a better choice will be to fly to Bangkok and then take a bus or a ferry to the island. For instance, the return economy airfare from Dubai to Phuket costs from AED 6,345 to AED 7,505 with Emirates Airlines, while it is only around AED 3,315 to Bangkok. Another option you can choose is Qatar Airways and their Economy Class flights which start from AED 3,755 for return airfare per person. Of course, when booking with an airline, you should always choose a quality name, which you can trust. Both Emirates and Qatar Airways are among the largest and safest in the world, and in addition, you can book your flight online at their websites and take advantage of some of their sales and promotions.

Another airline which will get you safely and comfortably to Phuket Island is Turkish Airlines. Their airfares however are a bit pricey – the lowest cost of a return ticket from Dubai to Bangkok is AED 8,480.

The other step in planning your short holiday to the magical Thailand province should be booking your hotel stay. Several websites offer a great variety of accommodations and discounted bookings. The first one is Expedia.com which is one of the major global online travel agencies and works with thousands of hotels across the world, including over 150 hotels and resorts in Phuket. The other website which will offer you a wide range of 2- to 5-star hotels is Booking.com. A large part of the hotel stays on both agencies are discounted, so you have a great chance to find some really good savings. In fact, the holiday page on Qatar Airlines official website also offers hotel bookings. If you’ve chosen one of their flights, your best option is to book a hotel with them, too – it will be not only easier and more convenient, but probably even cheaper.

If you are not sure which hotel you should stay in, we have some good suggestions. One of the largest hotel chains in the world, Marriott, has several hotels on the island that provide comfort, privacy, as well as various activities and luxury amenities. The other brand that will simply never disappoint you is Accor and the 10 hotels and resorts within their portfolio. Free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, fitness, sauna and spa, pools and private beaches, restaurants with local and international cuisine – they have practically anything you want! In addition, the prices range from the lowest possible on market for a basic accommodation, to super-expensive rates for exclusive services and luxury accommodations!

Now that you have made these few steps, you can be certain your Eid Al-Fitr celebration will be perfect! Just don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and repellent, oh, and an umbrella, just in case.


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