How to Have a Tech-Free Vacation


Tech-free vacation sounds impossible! Let’s face it, no matter whether we like it or not technology has become an inseparable part not simply of our lives but of our day too. Whatever we do and wherever we go, we bring our smartphones, cameras, music players, tablets, even Xbox consoles and etc. along with us. That is even the case when we don’t really need them.

The same goes for when we are on a vacation or a holiday. Instead of enjoying our free time in peace, we continue to stare at our touchscreen devices. What technology is actually doing is stealing our vacation. It just snatches our pastime away from us without hesitation.

The worst part is that we allow it. We never oppose or complain. Then, when it’s time to go back to our daily tasks and jobs, we continue to feel drained with pounding heads and weary eyes.

If you are tired of being a slave of technology, the solution is one – a tech-free vacation. But even when you finally decide to put all electronic devices aside, the temptation often lures behind your back and whispers in your ear. Nevertheless, here are some tips that can make the resistance easier and help you to enjoy a tech-free vacation.

  • Rely on the good old brick phone – Leaving all technology at home will be too extreme. It is better if you bring a mobile phone with you. However, not your smartphone, but your oldest handset that has no digital cameras, no games, no apps or any other modern features. It should have only one basic function – to make calls.
  • Have an activity-packed vacation – The more you have to do during your vacation, the less you will think about technology. Therefore, research all the activities in the area you plan to visit. In addition, do not stop even during the evenings. Avoid staying put at one place. Take walks, go to restaurants or simply have long conversations with your vacation mates. So, you can take a break an have a tech-free vacation.
  • Stay in “unplugged” hotels and resorts – There are many resorts and hotels that are still unplugged. These are technology getaways where you won’t see any Wi-Fi zones or TVs.
  • Find alternative distractions and activities – While you are on the road, you may suddenly feel technology hungry. In order to stick to your tech-free diet, you are advised to find alternative activities. For example, you can read or solve crosswords.
  • Prepare – If your work involves frequent email correspondence, then you should prepare automatic respond templates informing the people who have sent you an email that they will receive your response later.
  • Remember that this is for your own good! If you spend your vacation away from your smartphone, computer and all other gadgets, you will be able to rest better, as well as to pay attention to the real world around you and not the virtual one.


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