Your choice of summer vacation says alot about you


The summer shines back into our lives and summer vacation plans take us away from the daily routine and the work tasks. If you still haven’t made plans about your summer holidays, then you are probably considering doing that soon. The good thing about this season is that you have various summer vacation options – from the serenity of the beach to the historical spots of the big city. But did you know that the choice of summer vacation can reveal a lot about a person’s character? If you are interested in deciphering your own mind, then read on.


Thailand - Elephant Trekking Tour_2, KanchanaburiYou are an adventurous soul and you are definitely not afraid of the dark. You probably know how to make a fire without any advanced tools like matches or a lighter. People who go camping in the summer are not tied to the comfort of the modern civilization. In addition, they do not need luxury to have a good time. They simply love to reconnect with their friends and family in the wild.

Bright City Lights

No doubt about it! You are a party animal! You love clubbing and you probably don’t mind little forbidden pleasures like gambling and drinking. Also, you are not impressed by loud noise. In fact, this is what makes you feel alive! The more people there are around you, the more fun you are going to have.


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