Your choice of summer vacation says alot about you


The Beach

Unlike city party animals, beach lovers prefer to keep it low-profile and just have a quiet and peaceful vacation. They really don’t mind sitting or lying on one place the entire day. All they need is a good book or magazine in one hand and a cooling drink in the other to have a good summer.

Cabin in the Woods

Similar to the fans of camping, you are a brave child! Strange sounds of the forest do not scare you. As a matter of fact, you will even go out and explore them. Ultimately, you like to spend your days in isolation or, at least, you currently have the need to. In addition, you are not a slave of technology and you have all the basic survival skills.


Disneland Paris magic-kingdom-hotelPeople who love to go to Disneyland in the summer have successfully preserved the child in them. Rides and Disney characters make you happy and you know that there is nothing wrong in that. This is why you don’t care about what the “grownups” would say or think and you just do your thing. Disneyland lovers are also daredevils who don’t shy away from the craziest and most dangerous rides in the park.


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