Coronavirus claims another life in Saudi Arabia; Tunisia announces 3 cases


There are no new cases of the novel coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, but one of the patients in the Eastern Region died yesterday, bringing the total number of coronavirus deaths in the Kingdom to 16. And Tunisia’s Health Ministry announced today three cases of the deadly virus, including one death.

Citing a statement of the Tunisian Ministry of Health, The Associated Press reported today that a 66-year-old man who traveled to Saudi Arabia and Qatar died after being infected with the novel coronavirus. According to the statement, the Tunisian national, a diabetic, became ill and was hospitalized in a medical facility in Monastir. His family members were tested and both his son and daughter were diagnosed with the virus. After suffering from an acute respiratory distress, the man died, but the other patients were treated and recovered. These are the first cases confirmed in Tunisia which shows that the illness is slowly spreading from the Middle East, according to experts.

The SARS-like virus killed yesterday one of the patients treated in a hospital in Al-Ahsa, the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s Ministry of Health stated that the man a diabetic suffering from chronic heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney problems. Saudi Arabia remains the center of the coronavirus infection, with most cases reported in its Eastern province. Up to date, there are a total of 41 confirmed cases by the World Health Organization, including 21 deaths. According to news agencies, the WHO has to take seriously the announcement by the Tunisian Ministry of Health, and to update its reports.

Some countries such as Russia, Kuwait and others are now applying travel restrictions or posting warnings. Kuwait’s Health Ministry is advising people arriving from the Middle East to wear masks, wash their hands and use ventilation in the homes.


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