eReaders may soon have colour screens, but need coins now


Amazon’s flagship products are the eReaders. The company was one of the first to launch top-quality eBook readers on the market and to build an unique ecosystem for it. In addition, last year it even released four new models, among which stand out the Kindle Paperwhite which has a self-lighting display and a pretty affordable price. However, avid readers are still missing something big when it comes to eReaders – colour screens. Even though, every now and then, it is reported than some company is on the brink to finally develop a colour E Ink display, there is no such product on the market yet. The big news is that this may change pretty soon.

Amazon has acquired Linquavista from Samsung, reports Reuters. Linquista is a company which develops innovative screens and it used to work on some key projects of the South Korean manufacturer. One of them, for example, was the smartphone with flexible colour display which Samsung showed off at CES earlier this year.

But Laquavista does not produce only phone screens. It is said to also specialize in the manufacturing of display technology for GPS devices, cameras, media players and eReaders. This fits perfectly well with Amazon’s new strategy which aims at taking over today’s technology market. Moreover, Laquavista states that it also produces displays that can be operated under all lighting conditions. That sounds a lot like Amazon’s Kindle eReaders which also have the ability to be viewed even on a great lighting variety.

Game Changer

If Amazon succeeds in developing an eBook reader with a colour display it may change the game on the industry’s market. Currently, eReader sales are reported to have decreased with nearly 30%. However, a colour screen will give a new reading experience to consumers. In addition, with a few upgrades, such a display technology may be transferred onto other mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. If that happens, we would probably witness the fall of LCD, TFT, OLED and many other displays which are popular today but are not sight-friendly.

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Amazon Digital Currency

Meanwhile, Amazon issued its very own digital currency called Amazon Coins. The currency will enable consumers to purchase games and applications from the retailer’s app store from their Kindle Fire tablet PCs. In addition, they will have the opportunity to use it to buy in-app services. For instance, they can purchase an upgrade that will take them to the next level in a game. Each Amazon Coin comes at a price of 1 cent. To encourage Kindle Fire users to try out the new service, Amazon added 500 Amazon Coins to their accounts yesterday.


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