New debates arose around green coffee bean


pure_green_coffee_bean_extractOne of the most popular and best-selling weight loss products on the market, the green coffee bean has raised a lot of debates about its effectiveness. Although the extract and its active compound, the chlorogenic acid, are believed to prevent the body from storing the sugar as fats, there is no solid scientific evidence and everything still remains only a speculation, according to most dieticians.

What is known about green coffee bean extract has been found out not by conducting tens of clinical studies, as it is with other food supplements and drugs, but by experimenting with only 16 adults for a short period of time. This, many doctors say, means science has no proof that green coffee beans have any effect on weight loss. Still, there are more manufacturers all around the world that sell the extract in the form of a supplement and many people are buying it. But does it work or it is just another hype that will be forgotten in a couple of years?

According to the American TV star and physician, Dr. Oz, the green coffee bean contains antioxidants and chlorogenic acid which is believed to stimulate embolism help weight loss. Dr Oz said claims also the raspberry ketones are a weigh loss stimulant. Regular coffee doesn’t have weight loss properties, because chlorogenic acid exists only in the fresh beans – during the roasting, high temperatures destroy the acid. Manufacturers and sellers of the supplement claim that this acid is the secret to losing weight because it keeps the body from turning the sugars into fats that are stored. As a result, the regular intake of the product accelerates the weight loss process.

The food supplement is also claimed to lower glucose levels and blood pressure, and suppresses appetite as well. The only study on green coffee beans says that people, who were taking the extract for a 22-week period, lost averagely 17 pounds, or about 10.5 percent of their overall body weight. What is important is the fact that there is no single other evidence, and most dieticians doubt the results. They say there are no magic pills that can make you slim in a day, or even a month, but people choose to pay $30 and more every month because it’s just easier than dieting and exercising. It is a problem of modern society where we want to get everything on the second, and living on the fast lane brought us both fast food and weight loss pills.

And what about dieters or more precisely, people who take green coffee bean to lose weight? The truth is that the supplement seems to be working for some individuals, while others see no real results. Although there are so many opposing views by both customers and professionals, all dieticians and manufacturers agree that the best way to lose weight remains the traditional portion control and hard workouts. Of course, if you are a fan of green coffee beans, take the supplement along with the regular weight loss program.


  1. So i’m looking to lose weight since summer is almost here.I need to lose 60 pounds. Is it any good?Have any of you lost wight using this.I read really good reviews on it.


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