Bad for schools’ business, but good for hotels performance


School Holidays Increased Hotel Performance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in March

A new report released by HotStats has found that this year’s spring school holidays had a very positive effect on the hotels’ performance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hotel occupancy in the two emirates was between nearly 82% to about 90% in March 2013. According to the study, that was due the schools’ spring holiday break, as well as the different sports and cultural events that were held in the region last month.

Abu Dhabi Hotels

In Abu Dhabi, the occupancy reached 81.7%. In addition, the Average Room Rate decreased with more than 5% reaching less than $160. That resulted in higher Revenues per Available Room which jumped to $129.91 or with a little over 24%. Moreover, hotels in UAE’s capital registered the highest revenue and profit jump not only in the country, but also in the entire Gulf region. The report highlights the fact that the city’s hotels had a Total Revenue per Available Room of $286.97 which is 24.6% higher compared to the same period in 2012.

In addition, the research says that Abu Dhabi is turning into a travel destination that attracts tourists all year round. Also, HotSpot’s report informs that the emirate currently enjoys an excellent reputation as a holiday destination for families. Among the study’s conclusions is that Abu Dhabi will have the chance to develop into an even larger and more popular leisure travel spot in both the region and the world.

Dubai Hotels

Hotels in Dubai also performed more than well this March. The hotel occupancy in the city was equal to 89.8%. That is only 2% higher compared to March 2012. Nevertheless, the Average Room Rate managed to jump with 9% hitting $397.65. Dubai hotel’s Revenues per Available Room reached $356.98 which is a nearly 12% increase. In addition, the city’s Total Revenue per Available Room increased by 11.5% and amounted to a little over $590.

According to the report, the 2012-2013 tourism seasons have been among Dubai’s strongest. Unlike Abu Dhabi, which attracted mainly travelers from the region, Dubai enjoyed the attention of tourists from all over the world. The research explains that this success is partly due to the fact the city has the second busiest airport in the world, as well as its strategic position on the global map.

Hotels in some other GCC cities also did well during the spring break season. Jeddah registered average hotel occupancy of 78.5%, while Riyadh had occupancy of 70.3%. Kuwait scored an impressive Average Room Rate which amounted to $259.22.


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