Galaxy S4 to debut in Dubai later in April


Bloggers from Dubai were given the exclusive opportunity to get their hands on Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone Galaxy S4. This happened at a special event organized by the South Koran technology giant yesterday evening at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club. There, bloggers had the chance to not only to see, but also to try out the fourth-generation Galaxy S. The people were given an opportunity to taste the new features of the phone before its official release date in UAE.

Later this month, Samsung Electronics will organize another event in Dubai. It will be held on April 24th and it will be attended by media representatives and journalists. With the event, Samsung will warm up the stage for Galaxy S4’s release in the United Arab Emirates. The company’s smartphone will officially hit the stores all over the country on April 27th.

Like its predecessors, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a powerful battery, an impressive memory capacity and it runs on the Android operating system. However, this time around, Samsung Electronics has added many new features, applications and robust hardware.

Galaxy S4 has a big 5” Super HD AMOLED display with 16 million colours and it supports a massive image resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. In addition, the smartphone is really powerful with its eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor and its 2GB of RAM will enable a faster browsing on the device.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S4 shines with a number of futuristic functions and applications. For example, users can now simply hover over the phone’s screen to operate it and be able to check the current temperature and humidity.

Among the other features of S4 that will certainly impress UAE users is also Dual Shot which will allow you to take photos or shoot videos using the device’s two cameras simultaneously. In addition, the new smartphone has a face recognition function. Through it, the device will be able to tell whether or not you are looking at its screen. That will allow it to pause videos automatically when you stop looking at the device’s display.

Samsung introduced Galaxy S4 back on March at a special product event which took place in New York. The company’s latest flagship device will be released in 155 countries this April, among which is also UAE. If you for whatever reasons did not yet bought any of the ultra smartphones of Apple, Samsung or Nokia, this is the time to consider such expense.


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