Samsung Galaxy S4 will be more expensive than Apple’s iPhone 5


Although, Android devices are generally known to be more affordable than those which run on Apple’s iOS, Samsung’s latest smartphone is about to prove that there are always exceptions of the rule. Samsung Galaxy S4 would be soon available for pre-order in a number of countries. Unfortunately, the price is too thick. In fact, the new-generation Galaxy S is pricier even than Apple’s traditionally high-cost iPhone 5.

Today, more details emerged on Samsung Galaxy S4 and it price. At first sight, the pricing of the device seems fair and bearable. AT&T announced the price of the newest Samsung smartphone on its blog. The carrier informs that pre-orders for the device will start on April 16th and consumers will have the chance to get Galaxy S4 for $249.99 with a two-year contract. The UK mobile operator EE also shared S4’s pricing details. UK users can pre-order the forth-generation Galaxy S as of today. The contract-binding offers on Samsung’s smartphone vary between £19.99 ($30) to £269.99 ($408) depending on the type of contract and service package.

However, things are quite different for S4 devices which are SIM-free or unlocked. AT&T still has not announced any prices for unlocked phones, but in the UK, EE and other carriers and retailers shared the prices for Galaxy S4. UK consumers who want a SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S4 will need to pay between £629.25 ($951) and £699 ($1057). In comparison, the SIM-free 16GB iPhone 5 in the UK can be found for £529 ($800). That means that Galaxy S4’s price will be higher than that of some of the versions of Apple’s iPhone 5. An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost less – £529.98 ($801). Nevertheless, that is still more than the price of iPhone 5. We can expect that in Dubai, the early shoppers would have to pay around AED 6,000.

The high price of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone can be explained by the device’s innovative features like Smart pause, Smart scroll, Smart stay and Air gestures. Despite that, even die-hard Android fans will find the price of S4 higher than the expected. It might be a good idea to opt for the updated version of Galaxy S 3, which is now also much cheaper at $464 on Amazon than it was a while ago.

The good news is that Samsung may release a smaller and cheaper version of Galaxy S4. This information came from Businessweek. Moreover, the South Korean company may roll out the low-cost S4 Mini as early as next month.

However, this news has not been confirmed by the company or any other source, as a matter of fact. In other words, don’t get your hopes high just yet.


  1. Yes, indeed! However, whenever a new smartphone is introduced to the local market, the first offers are double an tripple than the original price. When the iPhone came out it use to cost 5000 Dhs. Then gradually, the price goes down, as the gadget is no novelty any longer. So, it is very much possible the Galaxy S4 introductory offer to be around 6000 Dhs.


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