New Leaked Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs


Consumers and tech geeks are really excited about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S4 event on which the company will finally show off its newest smartphone. Although that will happen in a matter of days, the rumours around the next product of the South Korean manufacturer do not seem to have an end. The latest news on Samsung Galaxy S4 has to do with its specifications. A few hours ago, two images, that reportedly showed some of the specs of S4, were posted online.

The pictures were published on Twitter by the popular Android device leaker EVleaks. On the first of them, Galaxy S4 is placed side by side to all three of its predecessors, while the second claims that it lists some of the specs of Samsung’s smart device.


Judging by picture #1, we can say that S4 will be less rounded than Galaxy S3. In fact, the smartphone’s design showed on the photo greatly resembles that of its competitor iPhone 5. In addition, unlike the previous phones from the Galaxy S series, S4 does not seem to have a physical controller. That means that Samsung’s new smartphone may rely entirely on touch commands. Also, Galaxy S4 appears to be wider and higher than S3.


The second picture focuses on the device’s hardware. The image reveals some details on the smartphone’s display, storage, camera and operating system. According to it, Samsung Galaxy S4 will come in three versions – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB ones. Also, it will rock 2GB of RAM. Another thing that the image shows is that S4 will have a Super AMOLED display that will support a resolution of 1080p. The rear camera of the device is said to have 13MP, LED flash, as well as autofocus. In addition, the next Galaxy S smartphone may run on Android 4.2 operating system.

Some users may be disappointed by the fact that Samsung again choose to put the Android OS in its upcoming product. This is because it was rumoured that the device may actually come with Samsung’s new operating system – Tizen. However, that is very unlikely to happen. The main reason for that is that the Tizen OS is still not ready to support a smartphone, or so we were told. Moreover, Samsung probably will not be willing to try it out so early on a premium device. Also, the Android ecosystem is nowhere near that of Tizen. In addition, a large part of the Galaxy S users prefer these phones because they are Android fans.

As we have already informed you, Samsung Galaxy S4 may have an Eye Scroll feature that will track user’s eye movement and swipe the pages on the screen of the device automatically.


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