New PlayStation 4 rumors suggest price and specification


Sources report that the new PS 4 console will cost $430 and it will use cloud technology

In less than a couple of weeks, on February 20, Sony will hold an mysterious event. Many people believe that during the event the company will unveil its latest gaming console – PlayStation 4. As we get closer to that date, PS4 rumours increase by the hour. The latest information about the Sony’s device concerns its price. According to a Japanese newspaper called Asahi Shimbun and tech website The Verge, the console will cost somewhere around $430. That is very close to the first predictions of the device’s price. Not long ago, tech websites and blogs spread information that the price of PlayStation 4 will start at about $400.

In addition, the two sources have reported that Sony will first launch PlayStation 4 in the U.S. and Japan. That is said to happen this year. Unfortunately, there are still no details on the possible release date of the device in Australia and Europe. As a result, some analysts now believe that the new PS will be introduced on these markets next year.

There is also information about some of the device’s specs. One of them is that Sony’s upcoming console will have a biometric support that will be placed in a back touchpad. Similar feature can be seen in PlayStation Vita. Also, the touchpad will be as big as the present DualShock 3. These details do not differ much from earlier rumours.

A recent report by The Nikkei Business Daily claims that Sony’s PlayStation 4 will have cloud streaming service supported by Gaikai. Actually, that can turn out to be true. Last year, Sony bought Gaikai for $380 million and it may have decided to put it into action.

Sony refused to make comments on any of these rumours, so we may have to wait February 20 to learn more about the console. What we know for sure is that Sony’s latest PlayStation will be much more powerful than its predecessors.


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