Stick to your diet! Here is how


Diet Diets are hard to follow, but if you want to get fit and look really good you’ll have to say goodbye to certain foods and habits. Well, staying hungry is not the answer, the best weight loss strategies are those that stand the test of time. Here are some of the best tips how to stick to diet and never break on your plan.

  • Don’t skip breakfast and avoid late snacks – Breakfast gives energy for the whole day; the late-night sandwich will just slow down your metabolism and your organism will store the fat instead of burning it.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Start your meal with greens. Salads won’t let you eat too much of calorie-bombs such as cheese cake, extra-large pizza or barbequed pork.
  • Little snacks through the day. Eat a fruit every three hours an d make sure you don’t arrive at the table starving.
  • Take notes. Keep a journal of the lost (or gained pounds), that’s how you can easily control yourself.
  • Never shop hungry. If you do, you’ll buy a bunch of high-calorie food you shouldn’t eat.
  • Say goodbye to soda and all kinds of sugar-sweetened drinks, as well as fizzy drinks.
  • Try to fill up on fibers and proteins with big amounts of nuts, seeds, non-starchy vegetables and lean proteins.
  • Walk. You don’t have to walk for miles; a 15-minute walk after lunch will burn 100 calories.
  • The dessert rule. You love sweets, cakes, bakery, pies, so don’t try to stop them. Have three bites for dessert and the craving will go away.
  • Are you really hungry? Every time you think about food ask yourself this question and try to answer it sincerely.
  • South Beach Diet

  • Try to make your own lunch. It doesn’t matter what you will prepare but how and what you will put in it. When you eat out you can never know what’s in the sandwich.
  • Weigh yourself at least once a week.
  • Set your goal and a firm deadline. Try to take photos of you every month of the six-month diet plan period, for example, and track closely your progress.
  • Calculate how much calories you should consume daily and have no more. If you are 130 pounds you need around 1,300 calories.

The biggest diet trick is moderation – if you get obsessive about counting calories or exercising, the effects of your weight loss probably won’t last long. Staying hungry is as harmful for your organism as is overeating.


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