Sharpen Skills with a Crash Course in Commodities Investing


If commodities investing and trading is new for you or you simply want to expand your knowledge in the trading area, you can now do it from anywhere and at any time. FT Press offers a video crash course aimed at building up your skills in trading.

The course is created, developed and led by Carley Garner, an expert trader, and it is called “Investing Crash Course in Commodities, An (Video): Understanding the Markets, the Exchanges, and the Mechanics of the Trade”. In it Garner explains some key trading aspects and matters like contracts, arbitrage, spreads, futures markets, delivery, costs, offsetting and rollover trades, cost-to carry and many more.

Apart from expanding your knowledge on trading, the video course will also teach you how to use some powerful techniques in trading and to find solutions to specific problems.

The course is well-organized and trainees won’t have any problems following the topics and guidelines which are discussed in it. The author, Carley Garner, has divided the program into 2 main sections. The first one gives background information on the history and development of trading. The second section, on the other hand, focuses on some mechanics of the futures market. In addition to that, the course starts with a brief introduction on commodity market volatility.

Those interested in the subject-matter can now purchase the course for exclusive price. FT Press has lowered the price of the video training program from $89.99 to only $71.99! Therefore, grab that chance while you still can!

If you want to buy the course, you’ll be happy to learn that you can do that almost in a flash. You just need to create an FT Press account. The service is available on various operating systems, devices and platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, all Macintosh OS X operating systems and those which support h.264 codec.

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