2012 Best Weight Loss Strategies on the Internet


The popular website Diets in Review.com has listed the most trafficked diet trends and the best weight loss strategies during the past year. Contrary on the expectations, not famous people’s diets are the most used and commented, but the more generic and conventional weight loss plans and programs.

The website doesn’t just tracks searches and searched terms, but follows the unique visitors and the number of page views and comments, which can provide a more thorough analysis on the diet trends. The most popular diet strategy this year was Weight Watchers, an American-based international company which assists weight loss by offering a number of dieting products, ideas for smarter and healthier eating, of course support. Their diet generated more than 5% of the website page views and more than 35 user comments pages.

In comparison, in Google’s top 10 of the most searched diets 2012, Beyonce’s maple syrup cleanse and Michael Phelps’ diet were on the first positions.

DietOnly one entry appeared in both lists, The P.I.N.K. Method, which features three-phase approach to diet and DVD exercises. The weight loss program which is especially formulated for women appeared on No.4 on Google and No. 5 on Diets in Review. According to the website, the popularity of this diet is due to the strong marketing campaign and the promoting in two TV talk shows, so it is not expected to last for very long.

For the first time since the website has started to track trending diets, the acai berries are not in the top 25. They have become very popular in the recent years with their mystical powers to burn the fat. Whether their powers were overstated and people came to their senses, or the fact that another berry product, the Raspberry Ketones, entered the chart, they are definitely no longer a hit.

The other diet that cracked the top 25 of the website is Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred, which is a program entirely focused on physical exercise. It is on No. 8 in the list, followed by Michaels’ Detox & Cleanse Kit at No. 9 and her online support group on No. 20.

No. 4 on Diets in Review list is the HCG Diet which includes drastically reducing of the daily intake of calories to 500, as well as daily hormone shots. The hormone used is produced by pregnant women and is called chorionic gonadotrophin, or HCG.

Actually, most of the entries in the top 25 are reasonable and sane, according to Brandi Koskie, director of publishing for the website. The reason why they stay so popular is because they are really effective, without making you starve to the death or go crazy.


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