Apple launches iPhone 5 in UAE and 54 more countries


Apple Inc. announced on its official website that this month it will release its latest iPhone in 56 different countries.

The tech giant said that it will first launch iPhone 5 in South Korea and later in another 55 countries. Among them are the UAE, Russia, Taiwan and Brazil.

iPhone 5 is known as Apple’s lightest and slimmest smartphone. In addition, the device is entirely redesigned. The new phone has an A6 chip for better performance, 4” Retina display, faster wireless service, as well as longer battery life. Also, Apple’s new smartphone runs on iOS 6 which offers more than 200 brand new functions like Facebook integration, Passbook organization, Shared Photo Streams, new Maps application, additional languages and Siri features. The company claims that this is “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”.

Apple Inc. already launched its device in 47 countries around the globe. Some of them are the U.S. France, Japan, the UK, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada.

In terms of colour, the new iPhone comes in two different versions – white & silver, as well as black & slate. Customers can perchance the device at Apple’s Online Store or across the authorized Apple products resellers stores.

Apple has scheduled December 14 (Friday) as a release date for UAE. On the same date, the iPhone 5 will hit the stores also in  Bahrain, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Israel, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, South Africa and Taiwan. A week after that, on December 21, Apple will launch its new iPhone 5 in 20 more countries. Among them are Vietnam, Egypt, Barbados, Tunisia and Marocco. The total number of countries in which Apple will launch its smartphone is 56.


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