Facebook rolls out new business feature


Facebook launched a new feature hoping to satisfy the needs of business owners. Over the last few months, the social network was criticized for its News Feed option. There users could see promotional posts mixed along with friends’ posts. Now, Facebook put an end of that by introducing its new “Pages Feed”.

The Pages Feed option will be different from the News Feed one. That is mainly because it will show only pages that were “liked” by the user. Also, Facebook won’t filter the posts in the Pages Feed. In addition, the section will include promo content.

The business-oriented feature is already launched and soon all FB users will be able to see it and explore it.

Facebook officials explained that Pages Feed was developed after the company received a large amount of negative feedback from businesses. Many business owners asked the social network to separate information posted by the users’ friends and their favourite pages.

Currently, Facebook is trying to handle the huge amount of spam accumulated by Pages. The social website excludes posts which are considered irrelevant. This is done through a special algorithm. However, since the algorithm is still “under construction”, posts on business pages in FB now reach fewer users.

Businesses can circumvent that if they use the feature “Promoted Post”. With this option, business owners will get their posts on top of the users’ News Feed page. However, the Promoted Posts service is paid. As a result, many businesses criticized Facebook, accusing the site in intentional blocking of their feed for money.

Nevertheless, Facebook declined these allegations. Officials from the company said that the post filtering is not intentional and, moreover, that it is not done for more money.

Also, a number of celebrities were angered by the controversial algorithm. Some even stated that they will switch to other less popular social networks.

With this new Pages Feed option, Facebook hopes to make its business users happy and to put an end of all the recent criticism it received.


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