Trends for Hospitality Industry in 2013


Top 10 Trends for Hospitality Industry in 2013 influencing travel and tourism market

2013 seems to be a better year for the hospitality industry. Content marketing, evolving landscape and the combination of advertisement campaigns with social networks is what makes travelers spend more. These would be the key factors which will affect the travel and tourism industry in the upcoming 2013.

Here is a list with the top 10 trends for hospitality industry in 2013. It will provide a better understanding of the travel and tourism market.

Increase in Travel’s Personal Value

Leave behind the financial crisis, the fiscal cliff and the shaken economic state. There is a vivid revival of travelers’ personal motivation. More and more travelers are paying attention to the emotional value of their trip and benefit for their life. A recent survey shows that the number of one-night trips is almost the same as the one from the previous year. Yet, the recession has weakened causing growth in travel spending due to a recent belief in the importance of the travel experience.

More International Visitors

An increase in the number of foreign travelers is expected next year. During the past Eid Al Adha holidays, hotels in Dubai enjoyed nearly 100% occupancy. Next year, a new releases of thousands hotels rooms would help accomodate the demand. At the same time, China is up to have about 100 million tourists flooding the international market annually. This will lead to additional thousands of rooms in demand. So, prices will most probably increase according to the rise in local demand.

A Second Look at Refinancing

If you are in need – refinancing your business is a good option. At the moment the interest rates are pleasantly low and taking a credits is a reasonable risk. Of course, there is the economic insecurity, but the hospitality industry is cyclical.

Social Media and Mobile Symbiosis

Social media and mobile already are entirely connected. Next year, it is most likely to see them polymorph even more. In our age it is easy to put social media updates from you smartphone. Mobility moved forward the social media in real-time. The market shows that smartphones are more than 50 percent of the new mobile devices being bought. The forecast for 2013 says that more and more mobile devices will be used for online access, more than desktop or laptop PC.

Photo-Sharing Domination

Good examples are sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. With the upload of cool images content, Pinterest turn into a powerful mechanism for visually received lifestyle messages used by in the hospitality business.

More Unrehearsed Marketing Videos

One of the most effective ways to attract web visitors is video. Also the opportunities to use videos are infinite. In 2013 more and more people will be viewing and sharing videos online. These social videos will provide interesting and useful information which could advertise your business for free. The content of the videos could put more light on the uniqueness of your property, as well as the destination and attractions in the area.

Content Marketing Will Replace Traditional Advertising

Content making is the future of hotel marketing, leaving behind traditional advertising, said leading marketing professionals. Now brands should act as publishers as social media and its potential to puts better conversations with their potential clients and loyal customers. With social media, newsletters, blogs and e-books you can significantly lower the investments being put in traditional media.

Renewed Focus on Property Websites

In 2013 the improvement of direct bookings will be one of the most important moves on the market. Travelers are making their transactions online more and more each day. This is most likely to continue in the recent future. Statistics show that American hotels spent about $2.7 billion for OTA commissions. Hotels’ websites have to look for fresh content, frequent promotion updates and rich media in order to increase their online booking.

Guests need Food, Not fancy Chefs

The food has turned into art during the last few years. In answer to this trend numerous hotels invested into famous chefs. Though the static shows that the common tourist is not interested who made his costly meal. The focus in 2013 should be place upon the quality of ingredients in matters of their organic origin and other healthy diet opportunities. The healthy food is more important that the wealthy cook. This will improve the restaurant experience of the hotel.

Meeting Planner Via Social Networks

There is a significant rebound in the social media tools as meeting planners. In addition these tools can help us in team building as professional relationships strengthen along the social media relations. You can also have a customer service-focused Twitter account to treat questions or issues during conferences. A good advice is to always monitor and reply review sites like TripAdvisor.


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