Solo traveling can be fun if you know how


Travelling around the world alone gained more popularity in the past few years. The reason for that is obvious – solo traveling has many benefits. Solo trips and holidays are cheaper and you don’t have to consider the wishes of someone else. Lonely travelers are pretty much free to do whatever they want to. Nevertheless, there are some things which you need to know before you decide to embark on such an adventure. Here are some main rules to keep in mind as a solo traveler:

Learn More about the Area

Before you hit the road, familiarize yourself with the area you are heading to. Buy travel guide books and magazines, ask friends who’d already been there or simply search online for some valuable information. Try to find out what are the local customs and the most common dangers which tourists face there. Also, get a map of the region you are staying and learn which are the main roads and facilities around your accommodation.

Make Copies of Your Documents

Again, do that before the trip. Make copies of your main documents (ID, credit cards, passport, etc.) so that you can use them in case something bad happens.

Don’t Look Like a Tourist

Mix with the crowds. Don’t look like a typical tourist with a camera in your hand and a flag shirt. That will only show locals that you are not familiar with the region. As a result, some of them may take advantage of that fact and swindle you or even rob you.

Don’t Take Valuables with You

When you go solo on a trip, leave your expensive belongings at home. Don’t take pricey electronic devices, jewelry or clothes with you. Otherwise, you risk being robbed.

Stay in Contact

Stay in a daily contact with someone at home. Call a family member or some of your friends every day and inform them about your plans. In that way they would know when something bad happens to you. In addition, always carry a phone or a calling card in your pocket in case of emergency.

Make Friends

Even if you have decided to have a quiet lonely travelling experience, don’t isolate from the people around you. Be friendly and outgoing and try to make contacts with some of the locals or other tourists like you. That may make your getting around easier and your holiday more pleasant. After all, humans are social animals!

Be Wary

Yes, we know we told you to do some meeting and greeting. However, be careful when you start communicating with someone for the first time. Avoid sharing too much information about yourself. Open up after you get to know the person well.

Solo traveling is fun and enjoyable, but it requires some preparation and a certain doze of wariness. So keep that in mind when you decide to go on such an adventure.


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