Traveling with Kids: Dos and Don’ts


Travelling with kids can be a lot of fun!

However, they can also prove challenging when there are young kids in the travel package. Travelling with kids requires some careful preparations. Also, there are certain golden rules which you should know. Otherwise, things may go terribly wrong. In this article we will share with you the dos and the don’ts when it comes to traveling with kids.

Do Plan Ahead

Make sure you plan everything about your travel. You need to be prepared to handle all sorts of situations on the road. The most important thing you should do is to make a few lists. First, put down the things you need to do like book a hotel, buy tickets, calculate your budget, etc. The second list should include items you need to take with you like clothes, toilet articles, passports, etc. Travelling with kids means you have to take all of their clothes, toilets articles and passports too!

Don’t Overplan

We know, we told you to plan everything well. We still support this advice. However, you should also realize that, travelling with kids around, some things won’t go as planned. That is why you should be ready to improvise anywhere and at any moment. Use your initial plan only as a basic “framework” to your trip and go with the flow.

Do be Pre-cautious

During long trips children often get nausea, colic or catch flu. Therefore, you need to take some medicines which can sooth their condition. In addition, sometimes kids may get lost. That is way it is a good idea to put a note in their pocket or a bracelet which has your name, address and phone number on it. Do these things… just in case.

Don’t Let Your Kid Loose

Do not let your child be noisy or rompish. That can be quite a problem, especially when you’re a traveling with other people. Planes are where children often turn wild. They may not want to stand on their seat and start running around. Therefore, before you set off, explain to your child that he/she should behave well. Promise them some small reward, like candy or a toy, if they manage to act appropriately. If, however, your kid starts doing mischiefs, don’t lose your temper or scream. That will only make matters worse not only for you, but for your travel companion too.

Do Distract the Child

The best way to gain a little control over your children is to distract them. For that purpose, put some toys and games in your hand baggage. Also, make sure you pay them plenty of attention. Engage them in talks or the scenery around you. Long travels may be quite boring and tiresome for kids. So turn the trip in a small or big adventure!


  1. Hi,

    I agree the way to have a good family holiday is to research and plan before you get going.  Know your kids and how much they can cope with within a day and your children’s routines.  They need to be followed even while on holiday.  This reduces grumpy kid syndrome.

    Finally take lots of snacks and water on the plane and out for day trips. 


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