Top Rated Books for Gold Traders Review


Bestsellers books for gold traders available for online purchase

Books for gold traders lay the foundations for successful investment strategy or day trading. Many traders burn themselves and loose small fortunes before discovering the essential books for gold traders. Others debut on the trading arene only after they have done their homework. You are free to decide how to categorize yourself.

 Here are the five best-selling books for gold traders on Amazon:

All About Investing in Gold by S. Wade Hansen. All About Investing in Gold will walk you through all of the details of investing in gold with remarkable coherence. It employs real-world examples and simple, jargon-free language in order to illustrate how gold investing works, why gold deserves a spot in your portfolio, and how to avoid the costly traps many investors fall into when buying gold. All About Investing in Gold will help you, no matter whether you’re new to the gold market or seeking to improve your investing and trading skills.

Gold Trading Boot Camp: How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor by Gregory T. Weldon and Dennis Gartman. This book will provide you with a step-by-step, detailed accounting of the regimen that a successful gold trader, and any successful capital markets investor, should follow each and every trading day. Moreover, the authors will give you insight on the gold market’s structure and market-proven methods for identifying trends, trading on momentum, and profiting from the natural movements of the market.

The ABCs of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth with Gold by Michael J. Kosares. This book is perfect for beginning investors because it provides thorough guidelines for making good decisions. Kosares examines topics such as understanding gold’s role in combating inflation and deflation, how to select a gold firm, the history of gold price since 1971, storing gold, and government debts. These are basically the fundamentals for gold investors.

 The Trader’s Great Gold Rush: Must-Have Methods for Trading and Investing in the Gold Market by James DiGeorgia. In his book, the veteran commodities market analyst James DiGeorgia explains why gold will boom and gives a detailed overview on what you need to know in order to take advantage of the coming surge in gold. He employs straightforward language supported by solid research in order to cover everything regarding the current bull market in gold.

Precious Metals Investing For Dummies by Paul J. Mladjenovic. This guide will ease you into the precious metals market with sound advice on trading and owning these profitable investments, including gold, silver, platinum, and uranium, as well as high-demand base metals such as zinc and copper. What is even more, you’ll get good advice on how to choose a broker, buy stocks and futures that involve metals, maximize your investment return, and minimize your risk.


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