Amazon unveils Kindle Serials, new e-reader


Amazon Uses the Past to Create the Future with Kindle Serials

Amazon launched its Kindle Serials on September 6. The company’s newest service will enable readers to purchase a story before it is released and receive it as soon as it is written. Also, now booklovers are given the opportunity to discuss the stories as they develop on the Internet. In that way writers will also be informed about the readers’ opinions and thoughts on their works.

In the good old days it was common for authors like Charles Dickens to publish their works in series. In that way readers were always kept on edge and they couldn’t wait until the next part of the book. Now, Amazon decided to go back to this practice. The company announced that some books are now going to be published in episodes. With Kindle Serials readers will immediately be sent the newest part of the story. New episodes will be automatically added to the end of the book file. In addition, your notes, highlights and comments on the old episode won’t be affected by the new addition. Now readers will be also able to discuss the series on a special discussion board. Therefore, authors could change the storyline when they see the audience’s preferences.

From Amazon explained their decision to launch such a service with the fact that people like serialized stories. Actually, this is the case with many TV shows, films and books. The company also added that with Kindle Serials they want to improve the experience of both reading and writing. Amazon officials also stated that they are optimistic about the success of the new service.

Users are also given the chance to try out the service before they buy it. They can download either Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” or “The Pickwick Papers” to see how Kindle Serials works. Periodically, a new part of the book will be sent to them.

So where can you find Kindle Serials? For now they are available only in Amazon’s Kindle Stores and online store. The first serials are already available for purchase at the introductory price of $1.99.

Here there are in short:

  • “The Circuit Rider” by Dani Amore – A story about a mysterious preacher who travels across the American West with an interesting companion.
  • “The Many Lives of the Lilith Lane” by E.V. Anderson – A sci-fi story about girl-detective.
  • “Shop Till You Drop… Dead” by Carol Culver – The life of main character Cory, personal assistant, changes dramatically after she is charged with a murder.
  • “9th Circle” by Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin – A book about an autistic detective’s fight against Seattle’s cruelest killer.
  • “Love is as Strong as Death” by Carolyn Nash – A journalists gets involved in a mysterious story that is seemingly haunted by ghosts.
  • “Option to Kill” by Andrew Peterson – A CIA officer saves a little girl from kidnapping. Together they team up to find the bad kidnapper.
  • “Downward-Facing Death” by Neal Pollack – An ex police detective and current yoga instructor goes back to solving crimes. However, his comeback case is not an easy one.
  • “Hacker Mom” by Austen Rachlis – A housewife finds herself a new hobby and a secret life.

The writers who are participating in the project are also thrilled about Amazon’s new idea. They are enthusiastic about the online discussions of their stories and the future of books and writing. In addition, thriller authors find that the new service will make their books even more engaging and intriguing to the readers.

Amazon is opened to new additions to Kindle Serials. Those who are interested in the Kindle Serials project and want to participate in it the future can now visit and share their ideas.

Another thing you should know is that the books episodes you purchase will be synchronized with all your devices which use Kindle. In that way you will be able to read the latest episodes everywhere. Amazon will also back up your files so that you can download them again for free in case of damage, loss or some other issue.

Now we only have to see if Kindle Serials will repeat the success of its printed predecessors.


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