iPhone 5 pre-orders date leaked out


iPhone 5 newest speculation hits the web

Those who have tried to get an Apple iPhone on the official release dates of the device have traditionally experienced frustration, disappointment,  long queues, and even longer waits. Buyers who are more considerate put in their orders ahead of time, at the first possible moment, and reserve theirs smartphones before they’re even launched. How they can  do that? The Los Angeles Times hints a particular date for iPhone 5 pre-orders: Wednesday, September 12.

Maybe the date rings a bell, because it is the day Apple is supposed to announce the features and pricing of the  iPhone 5. But this is not the way Apple handled in the past pre-orders of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices . Pre-orders of the iPhone 4 began over a week after the phone’s debut while pre-orders of the iPhone 4S began three days after its reveal.


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