iPhone 5 Roundup: Production, Release Date and Demand


Still officially unannounced, but widely rumored and expected Apple’s next generation iPhone – or iPhone 5 as called by hi-tech enthusiasts – has gone into production in Shanghai, according to a report in DigiTimes magazine.

Citing industry sources in Taiwan, the website says contract manufacturer Pegatron has begun building the new smartphone in a factory in eastern China. Pegatron is one of several manufacturing giants that produce consumer electronics for Apple, along with Foxconn Technology. The company will also begin manufacturing a new version of the iPad, with shipments in the third quarter expected to reach a few million units.

Elsewhere, plugged-in KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who  shed some light on iPhone 5 specifications recently, says that the phone will launch in September followed closely by the release of  “iPad mini.”

“iPhone 5 to debut in September,” he wrote in a note to clients. Ming-Chi’s adds also that a tweaked version of Apple’s current third-generation iPad will be released around the same time mirrors earlier reports, which claimed Apple is planning some internal redesigns that address heat issues and reduce Apple’s costs.

Meanwhile, a new study by 451 Research reveals an “unprecedented demand” for the unannounced iPhone 5.
“Overall smartphone sales should spike to an all-time high this fall — and of course Apple is going to be the number one beneficiary,” noted Dr. Paul Carton, 451’s vice president of research. The survey of over 4,500 North American buyers showed a strong uptick in consumers likely to buy Apple’s latest: 31 percent, as compared to 21 percent in October.

A number of reports also suggest Apple will move to a smaller dock connector on the base of the phone, meaning the ecosystem of gadgets that connect through it will no longer work.


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