Experience Ramadan in Istanbul with Turkish Airlines


Istanbul’s Ramadan activities keep the city buzzing literally from the iftar dinner to the sahur meal.

As friendly conversation rages in the city’s popular nargileh cafes, others interest themselves in concerts, exhibitions and local book and gift fairs.

The slim crescent moon, the herald of Ramadan in the evening sky, is reflected the waters of the Boshphorus. The cool breeze of Bosphorus will welcome you as you visit Istanbul.

Gazing out on the decks of feriies, your eyes will enjoy the marvelous panoramas of this mystical city.

You will have the chance to discover the colors of Istanbul, through the city’s eating culture.

Almost every restaurant prepares a special menu for Iftar. A great variety of culinary delights, from the traditional kebab houses to that of continental meals, or the fish restaurants with their undeniable mezze selections, await you as of every sunset during the holly month of Ramadan.

Old Grand Bazaar offers visitors rich shopping opportunities with everything from jewelry to aunthentic wares. Only during the month of Ramadan, Istanbul shopping malls offer special promotions of an endless variety of world brands.

The most convenient carrier servicing the Dubai-Istanbul route is Europe’s number one airline for 2011, the Turkish airlines. A return ticket may cost in the range of AED 1,500, a way cheaper than any other airline offers now.


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