Local online retailer upgrades website, service deteriorates


The largest online retailer in Dubai and the region

Popular online shopping portal Souq.com recently updated its online store infrastructure to resemble more the one utilized by world’s number-one online retailer Amazon.

As a good-quality service comes with a price tag and takes time to organize, Souq’s one makes no exception of the norm. The freshly re-designer website loads slower at users’ and operators’ ends as reported by customer service representatives. It seems the contact form functions once every three trials, or so it is reported by the Souq’s staff. So, do not be surprised if you send emails every day and there is no answer.

A phone call works always better. Even so, with Souq.com, you have to be understanding. They are very busy and sometimes do not answer the phone calls. If you are lucky to get through the phone system, you may get the chance to explain your concerns to the telephone operator. Seeming polite at first, a Pilipino female on the other side will try to easy you out by saying “We will have a look and call you back.” You may disagree by saying that you already have called a number of times and have written 3 emails, but then the phone operator will put you on hold and eventually disconnect the line.

In addition, Souq.com is now charging customers more and their accounting is harder to follow. Payment credits are delayed into sellers’ accounts, but once credited funds withdrawals are faster then before.

The courier service provided by Aramex to all Souq.com customers also stepped back from its previous accuracy. Sometimes the courier comes in two weeks time, while sometimes arrives in few hours without previously arranged appointment. This is a bit confusing and unreliable kind of service.

However, still a long way behind Amazon, Souq.com remains the largest online retailer in Dubai and the region. It offers good and reasonably priced products as these on the photos complementing this post.


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