New electronic system for tenders launched


DoF starts publishing its tenders electronically

The Department of Finance  recently completed a project to operate electronic tendering systems and electronic registration of suppliers and contractors. The both should allow suppliers and contractors inside and outside of the UAE to electronically record and submit bids for tenders issued by DoF.

DoF will immediately start publishing all its tenders electronically through its developed electronic portal applying “Oracle R12” systems. This would enable it to conduct all phases of the procurement cycle electronically, starting with initiating a materials order and ending with settling its amount, through inviting offers, receiving bids, buds evaluation, and contract finalizing formalities procedures.

HE Hamad Al Hurr Al Suwaidi, Chairman DoF assured that both the electronic tenders system and the registration system of suppliers and contractors exempt suppliers and contractors from paying participation fees of conventional traditional tenders; and said: “These two systems are considered a major turning point for the Department business practice. Their implementation fulfills DoF’s goal of reaching objectives. The most important of these goals is the e-transformation and applying e-government systems, as well as supporting sustainable development in Abu Dhabi Government procurement activities and environment through applying paperless systems”.

HE added: “Through the implementation and application of the electronic tenders system, DoF aims at keeping up with e-transformation, which is consistent with the vision of Abu Dhabi 2030, as both systems are available for all Abu Dhabi Government departments, and later will be available for other governmental bodies in Abu Dhabi, contributing to DoF’s excellence and providing opportunities to develop even more electronic systems to replace the conventional business practice.”

On the other hand, Dr. Hazem Turki Al-Khatib, Director of the Information Technology Division, said: “The electronic registration system of suppliers and contractors and the electronic tenders system were developed adopting the highest technical standards. The cooperation between DoF and Oracle Global Co. resulted in producing an integrated system, which is superior to other similar systems as regards to registering suppliers and contractors on the website, informing them of tenders by the Department according to their business line and type of service provided, and up to the Department receiving of their quotations and remarks through the system. Both systems will also enable new suppliers the opportunity to register in the Department of Finance’s register of suppliers and participate in the Department’s tenders, inquire and track their invoices, review purchase orders issued to them, as well as providing them with results of their participation in any of the Department’s tenders; while the Department enables existing suppliers to complete their registration formalities by writing to”.

As for training suppliers and contractors for electronic Tendering systems and electronic registration; Dr. Hazem Al-Khatib has confirmed providing continuous practical training sessions on appropriate dates and times for private sector individuals.

It should be noted that the electronic tenders and electronic registration systems in the suppliers and contractors’ register should enhance competition among suppliers, and provide the Department and other governmental bodies the opportunity to further exposure to international suppliers and hence best results.


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