Setting a wedding date


Choosing the date for your big day

It’s important to think carefully about the date for your wedding; you don’t want to rush into anything and end up regretting opting for a winter wedding when all you ever wanted to be was a spring princess? You need to plan effectively for your dream wedding day, making sure everything is perfect, especially the date and time of what should be the happiest day of your lives.

Avoid important dates on the calendar

It may seem obvious, but start by going through the calendar and avoid all the special days in a year that you can count most people will have plans on. Days of religious significance are often ones to avoid, so too are national holidays. Also consider the special dates of close friends and family, including birthdays and anniversaries. After all, you want to make sure everyone can make it.

Seasonal preference

Crisp and fresh or warm and bright? Choosing the season for your wedding affects the whole atmosphere and feel of the day. Keep in mind you potentially have to wait a full twelve months to get wed in the season you desire so if you really want a specific seasonal wedding but the season has passed, then be prepared to take your wedding abroad to find the seasonal conditions to match.

Avoid other wedding dates

It’s all well and good picking a day that suits you perfectly, but keep in mind the wedding dates of those you know. It’s common for friendship groups to follow similar patterns in life, so it’s not unlikely you’ll all be blushing brides within the same year or two. But try to have a gap of at least a month between weddings so that guests can juggle the two –outfits, gifts, travel and accommodation all add up. After all, you want it to be your special day and not have the shine take off it by another wedding a week before.

Choose a day of the week

This might seem simple enough but not all weddings have to be on a Saturday! Yes it’s convenient for your guests to cure their hangover on the Sunday before work, but if you were to choose a different day of the week you might find it’s considerably cheaper and it might free up more availability. On the other hand, guests may not be able to get time off work, so book the wedding well in advance and give your guests plenty of prior warning to ensure they can make it.

Avoid sporting events

Just because you’re not a sporting fan this is definitely something to consider. Your dad, uncle, brother, groom and future father in law won’t thank you for choosing the wedding day on the of the FA Cup final, Superbowl or even Melbourne Cup Day–you don’t want distracted guests or risk them not showing up at all! Or worse, you run the risk of guests listening to a portable radio in the corner whilst you make your vows or have your first dance.

Don’t rush in

Worst thing you can do is accept a proposal and then book your wedding the next day. Simply put, don’t panic and think you have to do it straight away. What may seem like a great idea at the time may not seem so a few weeks later. Consider all the options together and there’s less risk of scaring off your partner.

Dont forget the honeymoon

You need to think about your honeymoon options when choosing your wedding date. If, for example, you have always dreamed of a Caribbean or Florida getaway, there’s little point timing your wedding so that your honeymoon coincides with the hurricane season. Likewise, a skiing honeymoon wouldn’t go down well if you happen to turn up at the slopes just as the thaw is underway. Give yourself a lot of time to think about your honeymoon destination and what the weather will be like both at home and abroad.

Research your services

Make sure you check what days your caterer, florist and other providers are potentially available. Query each of your providers asking if they can make it on your provisionally chosen date. Only once you are happy that all your suppliers are able to attend on the day should you book your venue.


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