The latest tablet costs only $35


Forget Apple’s iPad that costs a fortune of $499, the Amazon’s Kindle Fire that will be released in November with a price tag of $199, the TouchPad still on offer on HP’s website for $99!

Think: a $35 tablet computer!

Today in India, new device called Aakash was unveiled as the world’s latest and least expensive tablet. It won’t take long to come to Dubai!The Indian government revealed the initial concept prototype in July of 2010. Now, approximately 15 months later, it seems that the tablet is a reality, at least in India.

The tablet computer was developed with a help from taxpayers. The device is manufactured in Canada by DataWind. The actual cost of it is about $50, but it was subsidized as the plan of the government is millions of devices to be distributed among the population for education purposes. Developers also say they hope to export the model abroad eventually.

The 13-ounce touchscreen device can handle basic computing beyond the mobile phone, but it can’t really compete with the Apple’s iPad or the Amazon’s Kindle Fire. However, the Aakash is useful for emailing, social networking, web browsing, online banking, instant messaging and multimedia.


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