Participation in 2012 Zayed Future Energy Prize soars by 180%

  • 425 submissions received across three categories: SMEs and NGOs, Large Corporations and Individuals, from 71 countries
  • Strong growth seen in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction sectors among entries
  • Large corporations submit for the prize and compete in a special recognition award category
  • Developing markets are key drivers in sustainability and renewable energy

Zayed Future Energy Prize, the world’s preeminent award for innovation, leadership, long-term vision, and impact in renewable energy and sustainability, announced it has attracted outstanding participation for the 2012 awards: 1,103 nominations and 425 submissions from participants in 71 countries (along Dubai, Abu Dhabi and wider UAE) from around the world, which represents an increase of 180% over the first year of the prize in 2009.

This year the award honors three categories – Small-to-Medium Size Enterprises (SME) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Large Corporations and Individuals from all over the world who create impactful innovations that address the greatest global energy challenges, from climate change and environmental pollution to declining energy resources.

The two dominant sectors of the 2012 Zayed Future Energy Prize are energy efficiency and CO2 reduction as the most important bridging technologies for a shift towards the use of renewable energies and mitigating the negative impact of climate change.

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Director General of the Zayed Future Energy Prize commented: “Since its inception, growth of the Zayed Future Energy Prize has been good both in number of participants it continues to attract every year, and its reputation as an influential authority for the global renewable energy and sustainability community. Based on submissions received, the 2012 edition of the prize indicates that all participants have leveraged the most out of technology for energy generation and emissions reduction. This is an encouraging reflection of the continued maturity and confidence of the renewable energy sector.”

“I am looking forward to sharing the successes of the innovators and their entrepreneurial spirit with the world. It is also the aspiration of the leadership that we bring forth the best solutions to address the global challenges in the renewable energy industry”, added Dr. Al Jaber.

The Zayed Future Energy Prize honors the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founding Father of the United Arab Emirates, who championed environmental stewardship as an integral part of UAE history and heritage. The award celebrates achievements that reflect innovation, long-term vision and leadership in renewable energy and sustainability.

Many of the world’s large corporations have come to the forefront and showcased their vision and long-term strategy for energy efficiency and sustainable growth, which is truly remarkable given that the category has no monetary value. Their innovations reflect today’s diversity of ideas and technology that will transform the world of renewable energy in decades to come.

“The large corporations who entered the 2012 Zayed Future Energy Prize will receive a special recognition award for clear vision on the future of energy and a coherent, sustainable strategy for their role in this future. Every one of these companies have already yielded long lasting impact on their own. Today, they are on an accelerated and collaborative path towards energy efficiency and sustainability”, said Dr Al Jaber.

The 2012 competition has also received significant participation from developing markets, with over 37% of entries from India, Egypt, China, Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, Nigeria, Mexico and Brazil.

“Today, the developing markets are a key driver in the renewable energy sector. We are witnessing an unparalleled opportunity for innovative companies in these markets to develop and put into practice renewable energy technologies that will help stimulate economic growth and mitigate climate change, and at the same time drive the development and mainstream adoption of renewable energy on a global level”, commented Dr. Al Jaber.

“The Zayed Future Energy Prize directly supports and facilitates collaborations between entrepreneurs and organizations in developed and developing nations to think bigger, act bolder and advance global efforts. The ultimate goal is to find solutions that ensure economic viability, social equity, and environmental integrity”, concluded Dr. Al Jaber.

Overall, 53% of the submissions came from SMEs and NGOs, while nearly 40% were entries for individuals in the Lifetime Achievement category whose outstanding contributions – academic, political, technological, business or related to other fields in renewable energy and sustainability – have had a major impact.

The prize is a facilitator for future-oriented solutions and technologies in sectors such as: solar and wind power; energy efficient building design; smart-grid devices; carbon capture and sequestration; biofuels and biomass, and sustainable waste management.

The submissions received will now be judged on four main criteria: Impact, Long-Term Vision, Leadership and Innovation, and undergo a multi-tiered evaluation process, consisting of four stages, and according to the highest global standards.

In the first stage, a reputable international research and analysis firm runs due diligence on all submissions to ensure that they meet the criteria of the Prize. Subsequently, the Review Committee, which is comprised of international energy experts and faculty members from several educational institutes in the UAE such as the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology and UAE University, assesses a minimum of 60 submissions in greater detail and selects the top 30 entries for further evaluation. At the third stage, the Selection Committee formed by high-level energy experts from around the world further assess a minimum of 30 candidates shortlisted by the Review Committee and select the best 15 finalists to be presented to the Jury for the last stage of deliberation. Finally the Jury will select the winners and runners-up in each category from among the best 15 candidates.

The winners and runners-up will be honored in an Awards Ceremony in Abu Dhabi, on January 17, 2012.

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