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Ambitious UAE professionals can get ahead by using 8ack App

  • UAE Leadership Skills Trainer Reveals Secrets as Free Facebook App

8ack International, a Dubai-based expert provider of leadership skills training, today announced it has launched a free Facebook App for ambitious professionals with the desire to climb the increasingly competitive career ladder.

The App will become a ‘Facebook library’ of leadership and management skills tutorials written by industry experts including Professor Adrian Furnham, from University College London, Dr Robert Hogan, President and Founder of Hogan Assessment Systems, and Dr Paul Turner, a world-renown international HR consultant.

8ack International’s Managing Director, Mike Atack, said: “Effective leadership and management is the single biggest challenge organisations face every day. My message to people is that if your organisation isn’t matching your ambitions by providing leadership training then it is up you to proactively develop these skills.”

“Our free new App is a great way to learn when at home or on the move the cutting edge methods for effective leadership. All people need to do is ‘Like’ our Facebook App and they will immediately be able to access our growing library of expert tutorials. Career-focused individuals have a real opportunity to get ahead of the pack using the 8ack App,” added Atack.

Tutorials already in the 8ack App include the latest research and insights in *Carrot and Stick Management*, *Always Reward Good Performance*, and *Avoiding the High Cost of Failed Leadership*.

8ack International further announced that it plans to take the App international and over the coming months will be launching it globally. Potential users who wish to access the App can simply search ‘8ack’ on Facebook. For further details, Dubai-based professionals can SMS ‘Face’ to 4003.



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