New Internet Platform to revolutionise E-commerce, online Advertising, Social Networking


A new electronic platform is set to revolutionise E-commerce, online advertising and social networking.

The new platform, under development for the past two years by research and management firm ByLaw Consultants, is the result of extensive inter-related scientific studies on marketing strategies, economy, finance, management, engineering and information technology. The research had achieved exclusive results, including new tools establish unique interactive environment on the Internet.

The project will be implemented in 62 countries, and will be managed by more than 1,300 people working out of 12 offices around the world. Therefore, ByLaw Consultants in conjunction with KPMG, made an investment structure for the project which has returns of more than 267 per cent by issuing limited number of shares for a private joint stock company to be offered through global investment houses to increase the capital to AED 257 million (US$70 million).

The project is present in multiple technology areas including electronic communications, which plays a pivotal role today and will remain so in the future. As well, the company is drafting the final details of agreements for strategic alliances with major international Information Technology companies to take part in the implementation of the project’s infrastructure worldwide.

Dr. Mohamed Haddad, the initiator of the project, said: “The project is not just a platform that changes the way we interact online but also is a low risk, high returns investment tool that represents the first Arab innovation on the Internet.”

Dr. Haddad, who heads more than 15 companies operating in several disciplines and projects, added: The project has strong technical infrastructure that can help individuals and companies to launch their ideas or projects easily, quickly and successfully and we welcome the cooperation with them.”


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