Financial Health Check program launched during Ramadan in UAE


  Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), a top-tier Islamic financial services group, announced today the launch of its Financial Health Check program as part of its financial education campaign in the UAE. This is part of a broad, long-term initiative by ADIB that aims to deliver on the promise of ‘banking as it should be’ by helping people make the right financial choices.

ADIB Financial Health Check is an easy-to-use financial assessment on how to manage money better from budgeting, savings, managing debt and investments to preparing for retirement. It is the first step for consumers to know their financial standing and to decide on whether they need to modify their financial habits.

Customers can take the test at any of ADIB’s six stands placed at major shopping malls in the UAE. It is also accessible online through and through the bank’s Facebook site. The check is free, unbiased, and easy to fill through an ipad, touch screen or the website. Anyone can know their financial health irrespective of whether they are a customer of the bank or not.

Ramadan is a special time of the year when people change their habits. As a bank we believe our role is to provide them with the right information and education that help them live a more balanced financial life. Our financial health check application will help them to see where they are now and give them simple tips on how to manage their finances,” said Tirad Mahmoud, CEO of ADIB.

The bank also launched a raffle to encourage participation in the financial health check campaign and offers respondents a chance to win one of 30 iPads by automatic entry. Furthering the bank’s financial education campaign, tips for personal financial management will be broadcast through a series of TV and radio shows.

In addition to the financial education campaign, ADIB will distribute Iftar boxes at mosques across the UAE throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. These boxes will contain usual items with which Muslims are expected to break their fast.


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