Facebook rolls out video chat in collaboration with Skype


Facebook introduced video chat on Wednesday in a collaboration with Skype, the Internet calling service.

Mark Zuckerberg, the social networking site’s founder and chief executive, also disclosed that Facebook now has 750 million users worldwide. For Skype, the partnership with Facebook is a chance to give its service greater visibility, beyond its 170 million users. Recruiting some of Facebook’s users as potentially paying customers is undoubtedly a crucial motivation.

This is another way to connect with friends other than just posting messages, said Zuckerberg while announcing the service on Wednesday at the company’s headquarters.

Facebook’s foray into video chatting comes a week after Google introduced Google+ , its latest and most serious challenge yet in social networking. That service, which premiered last week in a limited test, includes video chatting for up to 10 people in an area of the site called Hangouts.


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