Over 400 Babies Now Covered Under Daman’s New ”Free of Charge” Newborn Policy


The National Health Insurance Company- Daman has announced that over 400 newborn babies are now insured ”free of charge” under their mother’s Enhanced Plan. In January 2011, Daman became the first specialized health insurer to provide a policy whereby newborns get covered free of charge under its Enhanced Plans until the expiry of their mother’s policy.

To date, over 400 requests have been processed for newborns at several healthcare providers across the UAE. Daman is not charging a premium for the baby’s initial coverage; the newborn is eligible for free coverage as long as the mother’s policy is still valid. Parents are required to provide Daman with the necessary documentation to enroll the baby; this includes: the mother’s passport copy, a valid visa copy, and the baby’s birth certificate.

This newborn inclusion has ignited positive feedback from many new parents. Afaf Ibrahim, mother of Mohammed Haitham Mohammed born on March 2, 2011, commented: “I am delighted that Daman’s offering this new policy, it reassures me that my newborn is safely insured. This added benefit to my policy gives me peace of mind and makes me feel that Daman truly cares about my health, as well as my baby’s.”

Dr. Sven Rohte, Chief Commercial Officer of Daman, commented: ”We are very glad that this policy is proving to be valuable to our members. We place the health and wellbeing of mothers and children as one of our top priorities; it is part of our commitment to establish a healthier and safer society.”

This new inclusion will ensure that babies avail the same benefits as their mothers from the first day they are born.

For more information; please contact 800 4 DAMAN (32626) or visit www.damanhealth.ae


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