Fairy Tales about Wealthy People


Wealthy people do not live “fairy tale” lives full of luxury cars, decadent parties, trophy homes and wives – at least not in Europe. We don’t comment on the rich in the Middle East.

This is the conclusion of a study into the lives of the wealthy in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland by UniCredit Private Banking. The report found out that, contrary to the public belief, the rich “live in a world of hard work, strong attachment to family, clear values and a sense of reality…

German millionaires were particularly concerned about social issues, while Austrians were more traditional and had longer-standing wealth. Italians were more likely to see the family as a safe haven, while the Polish rich were far more likely to be entrepreneurs.

But most of those surveyed wanted to be seen as normal people, with a sense of duty to society – leading some to create foundations and non-profit endowments.

It would be very interesting to find out how the wealthy people of Dubai leave and think. But few facts are confirmed: Bentley’s sales increase in numbers together with the revenues of the luxury brands retailer Chalhoub  group.


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