Hillary Clinton shows strong support for IRENA


The United States Secretary of State, the Honorable Hillary Clinton commended the goals of the International Renewable Agency (IRENA) towards accelerating the rapid development and deployment of renewable energy worldwide.

At a statement she delivered at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MI) in Abu Dhabi, as part of a GCC wide visit, Ms. Clinton said: “We are looking forward to the positive impact that IRENA will have.”

The US Secretary applauded the efforts of the agency, adding that, “We want to enhance energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, address energy poverty, support sustainable development, and boost economic growth worldwide.”

“This is the first truly international organisation to be headquartered in the Middle East, and we have high hopes that it will provide a link between developed and developing countries in sustainable energy production. And we want it to be a truly global organisation,” added Ms. Clinton.

“We must develop sustainable energy sources to address the main challenges of our planet. The old strategy for growth and prosperity will no longer work. For too many people in too many places, the status quo today is unsustainable,” she noted.

Acting Interim Director General of IRENA, Mr. Adnan Amin, who attended the Secretary of State’s visit to the Institute said that, “The US joining IRENA was a clear signal to the world that renewable energy, energy security, and reduction of carbon emissions are high on the global agenda.”

“It was also a clear testament to the importance the US is placing on addressing the challenges of sustainable development and poverty reduction through ensuring that the deployment of renewable energy benefits developed and developing nations alike.”

The United States joined IRENA on June 28, 2009.

Mr. Amin went on to thank the US Secretary of State for the strong commitment and support her country has demonstrated since the inception of the Agency.


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