Daman amnesty period ends July 27th


Expatriates in the emirate of Abu Dhabi have until the end of July 27th to renew their health insurance policies or subscribe for new health insurance policies without incurring a penalty, before the amnesty period announced in May by the Health Authority- Abu Dhabi (HAAD) ends. The National Health Insurance Company, Daman has announced that it is currently maximizing all its resources to ensure that applications get processed for those who visit the branches before the end of the amnesty period. Daman’s branches in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain will remain open today, July 26th for additional hours and will be open July 27th from 8 am until midnight, to serve all those who visit its branches.

Daman, the major player in the UAE’s health insurance market, announced in June that it has extended its working hours and operational days, at its major branches to effectively cater to the increase in number of members wishing to renew their policies and rectify their status. It is currently experiencing increased volumes in traffic at its main branches as people rush to meet the July 27th deadline.

For more information; please contact Daman’s toll free number 800 4 DAMAN (32626).


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