Masdar hosts renewable energy conference in Morocco


As part of the Assilah festival, Masdar continues to contribute to the global debate for viable energy solutions.

Masdar, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mubadala development company and the Abu Dhabi based company focused on developing commercially scalable and sustainable energy solutions, has successfully participated and hosted an international renewable energy conference as part of the 32nd Assilah International Cultural Festival in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The conference, entitled “Renewable Energy – A Leap Towards Human Development”, was a major draw for this year’s festival and attracted esteemed speakers and delegations from around the world.

The success of the conference is being hailed by observers as an important milestone for Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as the region further strengthens its growing reputation as a leader in the promotion and implementation of renewable energy.

Talking on the success of the Moroccan conference Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Chief Executive of Masdar said: “Renewable energy, such as solar and wind, has the potential to ensure the sustainability of our economy and of our society. But most importantly, it is one of the critical solutions to mitigating the global threats of climate change.

“The United Arab Emirates has made a significant commitment to address the threats of climate change, but, it is important that other countries in the MENA region also realize their potential. It makes me optimistic for our future that the Moroccan government, which has recently announced a number of major energy projects, has invited Masdar to host this conference. I hope this is a catalyst for more collaboration between our countries and with the other countries of the MENA region.


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