Apple’s iPad available with retailers in Dubai


The iPad finally arrived in UAE but at twice the price, reported The National. Still the price, Dubai Chronicle has found on Amazon, ranks  No.1 among the offers. Only iPad’s savvy fans should know how to shop on Amazon from Dubai in order to receive their fairly priced devices in few days.

At Plug-Ins, an electronics retailer, the iPad starts at Dh3,899 (US$1,061) for the basic 16-gigabyte model, which sells for $499 in the US and $572 on Amazon . The 32-gigabyte unit was selling for Dh4,699 and the 64-gigabyte for Dh5,499, both more than double the US prices of $599 and $699, respectively.

Plug-Ins in Dubai Festival City sold all 12 of its initial stock of 64-gigabyte iPads by Monday night, only a day after putting them on the shelves. It still had a few 32-gigabyte models available, and plenty of 16-gigabyte units.


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