Aesthetica Clinic to take part in the DLC Complete Mothers Program


Aesthetica Clinic, the result driven, evidence based and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures clinic has been a key player in the market for several years. The Managing Director of the clinic, Dr. Maria Khattar’s participation in several workshops, exhibitions and educational events as a spokesperson or trainer has not only created waves in Dubai for her clinic’s highly ethical standards & innovative treatments but has inspired many to enhance their quality of life by improving their self esteem and confidence.

In addition to being a reputable role model in Aesthetics, with their continuous efforts in procuring the latest innovations and treatments in the field, Aesthetica Clinic will be participating in the Dubai Ladies Club ‘Sheikha Manal Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Complete Woman Program’ alongside other educational leaders in the market. This program is inspired by the vision of Her Highness which affirms that women can unleash the potential to enrich their daily lives with the right mentoring and guidance and that it will lead to positive self fulfillment. These educational activities have been tailor-made exclusively for UAE nationals.

This initiative is divided into 3 different certified programs which feature relevant courses based on the participants’ needs. The first program caters to future and new mothers which is the ‘Complete Mother Program’, a 4-6 week long program scheduled to take place from 1st April – 17th April 2010. It aims at improving motherhood. The ‘Complete Teen Program’ is the second program that is scheduled to take place during the month of July 2010 running for 4-6 weeks, which aims at empowering young girls with essential skills to build positive relationships for a more confident & successful future. The third and final program scheduled in November 2010 is the ‘Complete Woman Program’ which similarly runs for a period of 4-6 weeks, aiming at empowering women with the vital tools and knowledge they need to achieve a complete sense of Social, Cultural, Physical and Mental wellbeing.

Each of the three influential programs will feature exclusive inspirational workshops, forums and seminars lead by expert and well known national and international icons from various industries that specialize in the affairs related to women’s daily life.

Dr. Maria Khattar, the highly experienced researcher and the founder of Aesthetica Clinic has been chosen along with other invited speakers, as the ideal lecturer to conduct a comprehensive presentation on ‘postpartum health’. This specific session is one of the modules within the Complete Mother Program course. This 2-3hr in-depth presentation will be titled – “Minimally Invasive Techniques for Restoration of Facial Contours & Skin Refining”. The lecture will cover solutions which Aesthetica Clinic offers that are beneficial and promise significant results. By the end of the session the participants will have a better understanding of several concepts such as: a) The benefits of minimally invasive treatments vs. surgical procedures; b) The meaning of beauty as it relates to symmetry and restoration of facial contours; c) Definition of pigmentation, its causes and treatment solutions; d) The benefits of fractional resurfacing.

Aesthetica Clinic’s Managing Director, Dr. Maria Khattar, commented on her scheduled participation in this program, “I am looking forward to being a part of this unique and educational program as nowadays it is imperative for all women to be fully aware of the many dimensions of both inner and outer beauty and wellbeing and how it can all relate to a greater sense of self awareness and fulfillment. There are so many misconceptions about aesthetic procedures, and most people are not fully informed about the latest technological advancements and innovations that have turned serious surgical procedures into minimally invasive treatments which produce more natural results. Essentially, at Aesthetica Clinic, our main focus is really to help our clients achieve goals which help them reach a point of total, positive self fulfillment and wellbeing.”

Aesthetica Clinic was established in Dubai in 2002 and is run by a team of highly qualified, licensed medical professionals. Since its creation, the clinic has been an active player in both regional and international conferences, exhibitions, workshops and educational programs.


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