Top 5 Luxury Travel Trends in 2013

Allamanda Resort & Spa RAre you familiar with the term “luxury travel”? If not, we will explain it for you. Luxury travel is not about spending a huge amount of money in a very short time. Actually, this type of traveling is all about rare experiences and adventure. Luxury travellers seek to go beyond the limit and to discover the unknown. They are not satisfied with a flashy room in some expensive hotel. Luxury travellers want something unique and ground-breaking.

Luxury traveling has been undergoing some changes and transformations over the last few years. That will continue also in 2013. This year, luxury tourists will want to mix with the crowd and enjoy the culture. These are the luxury travel trends to watch in 2013!

Custom and private tours become more popular

Dubai tourFamilies, especially young ones, will prefer more adventurous vacations. Also, they will tend to bring more people with them included children and extended family. Therefore, they will want to have more choice. Custom and private tours can give them all of that. In addition, they make the travel experience more private and independent, allowing families to go anywhere they want.

Authentic cultural experience

In 2013, luxury travelers will try to mix with the locals. That is because they will wish to experience the culture of the place first-hand. Again, to achieve that, luxury tourists will use services like private and custom tours.

Moderate luxury

This year, it is expected luxury travel to include less… luxury. People are predicted to try to cut down their expenses. As a result, smaller and practical accommodations may be more preferred.

New luxury travel destinations

Travers in 2013 will need to change the scenery. They will no longer be impressed by traditional spots. Instead, they will look for something less familiar. Experts predict that among 2013’s most popular luxury travel destinations will be countries like Burma, Oman, Namibia, Columbia, Malawi and Cambodia. Also, highly visited will be some unexplored areas in New Zealand, Australia, Morocco and the U.S.

More social engagement

dnata acquires Travel Republic Hotels that have a big social presence will be more preferred. The reason is that more tourists today have the habit of using social networks to book or research travel options. Therefore, hotels and resorts, that want to stay relevant, need to step into the world of social media.

In 2013, luxury travel will become more individual, independent and customizable. Travelers will choose to visit new, unexplored and little known places. Hotels, on the other hand, will incorporate more technology into their work.

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