Emirates Investment Summit ‘Investopia’ to Link Economy of the Present to the Future

  • Inaugural edition of the Summit falls under the ‘Projects of the 50’

H.E. Abdulla Bin Touq Al Marri, UAE Minister of Economy, announced that the first edition of the Emirates Investment Summit ‘Investopia’ will take place on 28 March 2022, at a press conference organized by the Ministry of Economy at its headquarters in Dubai, attended by a large number of local and international media.

The inaugural edition of the Emirates Investment Summit ‘Investopia’ will kick off from the UAE, bringing together government leaders, NGOs, private sector representatives, investment banks, family businesses, investment funds, academic and research institutions, and investment offices from around the world to launch ideas, create opportunities and enable investments in the future, today.

H.E. Bin Touq said at the press conference: “The UAE is an ambitious young country with a unique vision and leadership, boasting a most flexible and active economy that is capable of generating opportunities in the region. The country is also working continuously to invest in future sectors and attract and embrace talent from all over the world to be partners in our transformation towards an economic model based on knowledge and advanced technology and capable of driving sustainable growth.”

He continued: “We have come together here to mark the launch of Investopia – a global summit from the UAE to the world – which will be a platform for dialogue on the future of world economies. Investopia is not a summit based in the UAE alone; it is in fact a global summit that begins from the UAE. Through this platform, we are offering a new space to formulate innovative models for the future business environment and partnership patterns that will generate new investment opportunities, capable of promoting growth to unprecedented horizons.”

“Our vision is to establish a dynamic business ecosystem where the world’s investment stakeholders work together, where today’s economies grow and tomorrow’s are born.”

Furthermore, Bin Touq explained that Investopia is one of the main strategic initiatives within the first set of the ‘Projects of 50’ that was announced by the UAE government. It is designed to provide a new space for dialogue on the future investment opportunities. It also supports the national economic priorities and investment-attraction programs with an ambitious goal to strengthen the flow of inward investments and attract AED 550 billion worth FDI into the UAE over the next nine years, to eventually reach AED 1 trillion by 2051.

He added that Investopia consolidates the country’s position as a thriving global hub for business, capital and foreign investments and is the first platform that unifies all national investment opportunities and development projects from all emirates in line with the vision and ‘Principles of the 50.’ These prospects are spread across the main priority sectors, including information and communication technology, education, health, transportation, and supply and supply chains, logistics, entertainment and media, financial technology, energy, water and space.

The first session of the Summit is scheduled to be held on March 28, 2022, with a fully packed agenda, global themes and featuring the attendance of more than 50 thought leaders and industry experts who specialize in the Summit’s key areas of focus. It will witness the participation of over  300 decision makers, investors and innovators from SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs and the private and public sectors, and will enable access to global accelerators and incubators designed to support businesses to become future economies. Thus, the Summit aims to contribute to the launch of 100 active investment opportunities from across the UAE, the region and the entire global investment landscape.

Investopia is a global flagship investment platform focused on building future economies. The Summit’s ecosystem is driven by feature themes in line with the UAE’s national strategic agenda, with its focus on sustainable impact investing and transformational technologies for a transforming society that paves the way for wider applications of artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and fifth-generation telecommunications services. These aspects play a vital role in ensuring the stability of the lives of individuals, companies and governments in the future.

Furthermore, the Summit will provide participants with the biggest database of investment opportunities, incentives, and facilities in various countries of the world. It will allow the governments to present their development projects, opportunities, and facilities to investors and the legislative environment, which regulates investment in the markets.

The Investopia summit sets the national target to attract AED 550 billion in FDI by 2030, and AED 1 trillion by 2051. The UAE has successfully attracted foreign investments totaling AED 420 billion over the last 10 years at an average growth of 11%. Meanwhile, the total value of the country’s outward flow of investments amount to AED 450 billion during the same period, with an average growth of 36%.


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