World’s largest single entry chef competition “Emirates International Salon Culinaire” to take place in UAE


Expo Centre Sharjah announced that it is hosting the world’s largest single entry chef competition, the 22nd “Emirates International Salon Culinaire” from March 4-6 organized by Emirates Culinary Guild. Experienced master chefs from around the world will participate in this event, which is taking place for the first time in Sharjah and holding a special position on the calendar of the Centre’s annual events.

The announcement at the press conference aimed to unveil the details of ExpoCulinaire taking place with the participation of 2,000 chefs from around the world, and who will be showcasing amazing culinary arts. The event will be attended by 200 exhibitors and is expected to witness more than 5,000 visitors from the fields of cooking, food, hospitality, hotels and tourism.

The conference was held at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of Jamal Saeed Buzangal, Director of Media Department, Joanne Cook, CEO of Purple Kitchen Events, Uwe Micheel, President of Emirates Culinary Guild, Assistant Vice President of Worldchefs and Majed Al Sabagh, Founder/CEO of Hospitality Education and Training.

Buzangal said that the world’s largest single entry chef competition, “Salon Culinaire” organized at the ExpoCulinaire, is a world-class event hosted by Sharjah for the first time as one of the most prestigious events in the hospitality industry in the Middle East. Culinary competitions take the lead in the world of attractions, and food from around the world serves as ambassadors for their country and their people.

“This culinary event is an added value to the list of events that Sharjah Expo Centre is keen to host as part of the diversification of its event agenda and its continued growth, both in terms of increasing the number of local and international exhibitors or the number of visitors from businessmen, investors, experts and interested parties. Thus, it contributes to the advancement of the economic development in Sharjah, activate the trade movement, and enhances its position on the map of the regional and international exhibitions industry”, Buzangal added.

“The strategy of using our specialized platform to reach catering professionals and buyers will grow year on year.  If you want to meet the chef, pastry chef, baker and cook communities plus their senior management, ExpoCulinaire is a must”, commented Joanne Cook.

“Focusing on culinary art, competitions, skills, learning, training, products and equipment driven by the inspirational passion and creativity of chefs is certain to have a positive impact on the tourism industry. The tourism sector is crucial to Sharjah and to the UAE as a whole”, added Cook.

Mr. Majed Al Sabagh stressed the importance of hosting “ExpoCulinaire 2019”, which includes a wide range of training and educational events and all equipment and services related to the food supply sector. He added that the event is an opportunity to see the latest developments in the food industry and hospitality and supplies. “The Emirate of Sharjah is an important platform to display and introduce the public and visitors to culinary arts, cooking, food and beverages”, Al Sabagh added.

“Salon Culinaire is an annual event endorsed by Worldchefs and has strong support from sponsors of the 29 different classes, which are judged and awarded according to the global standards of experienced master chefs. Competitors are awarded with Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation after detailed judging and feedback”, Al Sabagh said.

“2,000 chefs will not be the only new profile in Sharjah, education and training will form another pillar of ExpoCulinaire. Four Education Partners (Chef International Centre, Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, International Centre for Culinary Arts and Richmonte Masterbaker) have committed to a full three day, free-of-charge programme, 27 sessions for students and aspiring hospitality managers in a mock kitchen and classroom set up. Joining them in the exhibition will be at least four other top educators and between them courses ranging from one day skills workshops to multiyear Bachelor and Masters degrees can be explored or signed up for”, said Uwe Micheel.

ExpoCulinaire will witness the participation of a number of suppliers of equipment and services, bakery equipment and supplies, confectionery supplies, food preparation equipment and accessories, cooking equipment and supplies, refrigeration equipment, storage systems, tableware and accessories, meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and beverages.


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